Monday, December 31, 2012

Talking To Tootsie Tonasket On The Last Day Of 2012 In Chilly Drippy Texas

The last day of 2012, New Year's Eve Day, is being a drizzly, chilly dripper at my location in North Texas.

In the picture you are looking through my windshield, heading east on John T. White Road, on my way to Walmart to get my New Year's Eve Party supplies.

I'd not talked to Tootsie Tonasket in quite some time. Tootsie called me on Christmas and left a voice mail. I called Tootsie back and got voice mail. But, today I called again and Tootsie Tonasket answered.

The past several months I've gotten multiple messages from Tootsie's Facebook Friends worried about her disappearance from Facebook. Tootsie has been involved in a Civil War with her ex-husband, with Facebook being one of the battleground casualties.

Changing the subject from Tootsie Tonasket to something else.

Yesterday I blogged about a Mystery Photo. By day's end, yesterday, some of the mystery was no longer mysterious.

My mom called late in the afternoon. I mentioned that I'd found a photo from 1997, with the whole family in the picture, but I can't figure out where it was taken. Without missing a beat my mom says "Is that the picture without Jeremy in it?"

"Yes" said I.

That picture was taken at Jackie's house, my mom then told me. But, my mom did not remember what the occasion was. Or who took the picture. Or why Jeremy was not in it.

Then I got email from Spencer Jack's dad, also confirming that the photo was taken at sister Jackie's house, but also not remembering the reason we were all there, or who took the picture. Spencer Jack's dad and I exchanged a couple emails and then he called. Talking did not get us any closer to remembering any more details about the Mystery Photo.

Then I heard from Blue & Max, Tacoma's Adventure Poodles, relaying a message from my little sister, also confirming this picture was taken at sister Jackie's, but also not remembering why we were all there. But adding the speculation that the reason Jeremy was not in the picture was because he was being a bit of a pill.

I don't know if "bit of a pill" is universal slang or a Northwest idiom. It means being a bit of a brat.

I don't know how long my New Year's Eve Partying is going to last. I don't remember the last time I made it til midnight. I know for sure I am not going to Dallas, to Victory Park, where, supposedly, the biggest New Year's Eve Party in the middle part of the country is going to take place tonight.

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