Saturday, December 29, 2012

No Soft Toss At Gateway Park While Regretting Not Getting Parking Lot Tamales At Town Talk

On this final Saturday of 2012 I stopped in at Gateway Park on my way to Town Talk. I thought I might be able to endure the almost freezing temperature long enough to have myself some salubrious outdoor air exposure.

However, two long-sleeved layers on top did not provide a sufficient buffer from the cold. I walked around two of the Gateway Park ballfields and then returned to the shelter of my vehicle.

Can anyone explain to me what the "NO SOFT TOSS" signs mean that are attached to the Gateway Park ballpark fences at regular intervals?

I forgot to mention, on my way to Gateway Park, driving west on Randol Mill Road, east of the entry to Quanah Park Park, I saw what appeared to be Mr. Hometown by Handlebar, pedaling east.

I think I need to go hunting in my closet for my thermal long underwear so that I might be able to go biking in these icy winter conditions.

Today at Town Talk I was left feeling very Ebeneezer Scrooge-ish.

Pretty much every Saturday I get approached in the Town Talk parking lot and asked if I would like to buy some tamales. 5 for $5. I think that is the price quoted. I always politely say "no thank you."

Buying tamales at a parking lot seems like a bad idea to me.

So, today this little guy, speaking very heavily accented English, asked me if I'd like to buy some tamales. I think he said something like "5 for $5, 12 for $10, beef or chicken," but I'm not sure.

The little guy was smiling cute as he talked to me.

I said my usual "No thank you" and then asked "Do you make the tamales?"

"No, senor, my mama makes the tamales."

I asked, "Are they real good?"

"Si, senor, very good tamales."

As this dialogue was taking place the little guy was helping me load my Town Talk stuff from the cart to my vehicle. All the while smiling.

Then he said "Goodbye senor, I'll take your cart for you," or words to that effect.

I then watched as the little guy, shorter than the cart, wheeled it back into Town Talk.

Then I started feeling like a jerk, feeling bad, as in why didn't I give the kid a couple bucks? Or buy 5 bucks worth of tamales. The tamales can't be bad, what with them being sold at this location every Saturday, year round.

So, next Saturday, I will be buying myself some Town Talk parking lot tamales, if that little guy is back hawking them.


Miss Julie said...

Please see
and extrapolate.

Anonymous said...

I think this shrewd entrepreneur was setting you up for future business. I think you better buy some tamales next time.

GG said...

Agree with anonymous. I bet those tamales are good. Maybe I'll make a Saturday trip to TT just to try them. After you confirm they are excellent, of course.