Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mountain Biking With The Big Herd Of River Legacy Park Armadillos

I'd pedaled past a couple foraging armadillos on the River Legacy Park paved trail, heading to the western termination of that trail, to then pedal the mountain bike trail, when a blonde lady urgently signaled me to cease with the pedaling.

The blonde lady was excited to tell me she'd been seeing a lot of armadillos, 11 total by the moment she stopped me.

The blonde lady wondered if I knew why there was such a lot of armadillo activity, speculating that maybe they were out in heavy duty foraging mode in anticipation of the incoming scheduled deep freeze, which, incidentally, has begun to arrive, dropping the temperature from the relatively balmy 61, this morning, soon after the sun arrived to light up my morning swim, to the current temperature of 55, at mid-afternoon, as the heat begins to slowly exit as the freeze moves into town.

With possible snow.

On the mountain bike trail I came upon several armadillos, including the one in the above picture. He did not seem to mind me too much, ignoring me getting close, until I tried to have a conversation. That set the armadillo off into run away mode.

Today was the busiest I've ever seen the River Legacy Park mountain bike trail. The mountain bike parking lot was full. It  takes dozens of vehicles to fill up all those parking spaces. I was passed multiple times by bikers speedier than me, including a couple speed demons of the female persuasion.

I highly doubt I will feel motivated to get on my bike tomorrow, what with the temperature scheduled to be well below freezing, with some of that frozen white stuff possible.

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