Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mount Tandy Politely Returned My Lost Sunglasses

This morning on my way to swimming I reached for my sunglasses and found I could not find them.

Remembering that I'd returned to my abode, Saturday night, after dark, I figured my sunglasses were likely in my vehicle.

I figured wrong.

Then I remembered that as it got dark, on my Saturday night sunset hike on the Tandy Hills, I took off the sunglasses and inserted them in my t-shirt's pocket.

When I got to my vehicle on Saturday night I removed the t-shirt and installed another shirt. I speculated that it was during the t-shirt removal that the sunglasses fell out of the pocket, and due to the fact that some noisy conversing was taking place, I did not hear the sunglasses hit the ground.

I had not intended to return to the Tandy Hills today. But, since I figured that the summit of Mount Tandy was likely the resting place of my lost sunglasses, I would return to see if I could find them.

Finding the lost sunglasses required no looking. As I drove to my regular parking spot I saw the no longer lost sunglasses. That is they, in the picture above, sitting on their overnight resting spot on the summit of Mount Tandy, looking no worse for having weathered a Texas, late Fall, night.

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cd0103 said...

Score! I lost a pair of Prescription sunglasses last year and was not so lucky.