Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Have A Wonderful Christmas Even Though You Have No Snow In Texas

This may be my final Holiday Season Themed blogging of the Holiday Season. We can only hope.

When my mom called on Sunday she asked if I'd gotten a card from them. I said I had. Mom asked if I'd opened it. I said I had not. I said I was saving it to open for Christmas, thus giving me something to look forward to.

And then a few minutes ago I realized I'd still not opened the Christmas card from my mom and dad. Or one from my favorite aunt and uncle who live in Ohio.

The card from my aunt and uncle in Ohio turned out to have been rendered very ironic by today's events in Texas.

To the sentence, "Have a wonderful Christmas" my aunt added "even tho you have no snow."

I read I "have no snow" as I looked out the window at what looks like a blizzard of sideways blowing snow.

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Steve A said...

Our flight out of DFW was delayed more than two hours by snow. DFW is not as good as O'Hare in Chicago at de-icing planes...