Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gateway Park Red Flags Keep Me From Cliff Diving While Thinking About Not Seeing David, Theo & Ruby In Phoenix Tomorrow

In the picture my mountain bike's handlebars are on a Gateway Park mountain bike trail, aiming at the Trinity River, facing a lot of little red flags.

Right above the right side of my handlebar the Trail direction sign has been turned to point the wrong direction.


I don't know.

I turned the Trail direction sign to point the correct direction, thus a correction of the erroneous misdirection.

And what's with all the little red flags blocking the trail spur that quickly leads to a flying leap off a cliff into the Trinity River?

Has there been an uptick in the number of mountain bikers who have made a wrong turn and ended up swimming with the turtles? Seems like a lot of bother to stick a lot of little red flags in the ground, unless one had a really good reason to do so. Like stopping accidental cliff diving.

Mountain biking around noon was my first aerobic activity of the day. I did not go swimming this morning. However, I did go swimming last night.

I can be quite dense. Really it's true. A couple days ago the obvious reality that the pool is way warmer at the end of a warm day than it is after the end of a cool night, occurred to me. The day this reality occurred to me happened to be one of the 80 degree plus days we've had of late. Testing my new theory, that night, quickly proved the theory to be true, so I had myself a really long, really pleasant swim, in the dark.

Changing the subject to something else.

Up til a month or so ago I thought it to be a sure thing that I'd be heading to Phoenix this week, to meet my nephews, David and Theo and niece, Ruby, for the first time. However, a series of relative aggravations of varying degrees caused me to decide to stay in Texas until some time in 2013.

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