Friday, December 28, 2012

Escaping The Texas Drizzle By Treasure Hunting In My Closest

In the post noon time frame, on the 4th day before the end of 2012, it would appear, judging from my patio view of the outer world, that 2012 is choosing to go out with a drizzly whimper at my location on the planet.

Drizzle, with wind and only air heated to only 5 degrees above freezing.

Today this cold drizzle afforded me the rare opportunity, or more accurately, need, to wear one of the sweaters I imported from the Pacific Northwest, when I moved to Texas.

Neither my sweaters or my flannel long-sleeved shirts get a lot of use in Texas. I actually forget I have these items til a big chill causes me to dig deep into my disorganized closet. This morning's dig discovered a long forgotten pair of brown cargo pants. Venturing into my closet is sort of a treasure hunt. I also found some computer speakers with a big woofer I'd forgotten I had.

I seem to have had myself a bit of a relapse in the respiratory woes department. The woes may have been exacerbated by this on the ocean like drizzle that is currently plaguing this usually drizzle-free zone.

At some point in time I am sure warm air will return to Texas. Maybe not this year, but next year, for sure. I hope.

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