Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Tree Harvesting On The Tandy Hills & Other Barbaric Customs

Last year around this time, on Facebook, I read about Christmas tree harvesting taking place in the area of the Tandy Hills.

I blogged about this partial clearcutting in a blogging titled Godfather Don Young Leads Three Generations Harvesting Christmas Trees From Fort Worth's Tandy Hills Nature Preserve.

Don Young then explained that he did not purloin the Tandy Hills Natural Area for a natural Christmas tree. I blogged this explanation in a blogging titled Don Young Clears Up The Controversy Over His Tandy Hills Christmas Tree Cutting.

Then today an incoming comment came in from someone named Anonymous, regarding what Anonymous calls Don Young's Christmas Tree Caper....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Biking Gateway Park Freshly Amused By Trinity River Vision Boondoggle Propaganda": 

While speaking of JD Granger and focusing upon his MAGIC TREES, you've been diverted from a MAGICAL OPPORTUNITY! It's time for Don Young's Christmas Tree Caper! Please make sure you check the surveillance footage at Tandy Hills Park. Once again, he'll cut down a tree from Tandy Hills Park, or worse yet from the land adjacent which is owned by Chesapeake and further up by Channel 5! Please REPORT on this event!

I have not been on the Tandy Hills for a few days. When I was last on the hills I made note of the fact that most of the foliage has left the trees, except for the evergreens, like Christmas Trees, making the Christmas Trees really easy to spot.

Due to my extremely strong beliefs, regarding what is right and what is wrong, regarding how one celebrates Christmas, I do not install a pagan symbol in my abode in the form of a murdered tree.

I think killing a perfectly innocent tree for such purposes it totally barbarian.

And those Christmas Tree Farms, where the trees are grown in tight quarters, fertilized to look ultra green and full of boughs, then sliced off, one by one, at ground level, ending up in the house of a human, where the tree becomes a fire hazard, eventually tossed into the garbage or set to flame in the backyard.

Like I said. Barbaric.

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Don Young said...

Due to a lack of natural fire at Tandy Hills, the City of Fort Worth has a Master Plan for removing a large portion of trees from Tandy Hills to keep the native prairie healthy. The annual Brush Bash promoted by and in cooperation with the City removes hundred s of such trees with the help of volunteers. Otherwise, the Tandy Hills would no longer have grass and wildflowers. This is a very thoughtful process that is supported by prairie ecosystem experts. Cedar trees in particular are fast growing and shade out the more desire species. If you want a forest, go to Trinity Park. Tandy Hills is a prairie.