Saturday, December 8, 2012

Armadillos Are In Texas While Crocs Are In Washington's Skagit River

Skagit River Croc
The past couple days I've blogged a couple pictures of encounters with armadillos, one at the Village Creek Natural Historical Area and another, yesterday, at River Legacy Park.

Last night Spencer Jack's dad, my favorite nephew named Jason, emailed me with the subject line being "Armadillos."

The message in Spencer Jack's dad's email was...

Cool pics of the armadillos. I've never seen one. I did however spot this croc in the Skagit River today.

It took me a second or two to spot the croc in the picture.

Spencer Jack's dad has the Jones family sense of humor down pat.

I think I will go mountain biking at Gateway Park today, on my way to Town Talk to get me some Chicken Samosas.

I have only had one armadillo encounter at Gateway Park.

And that was not with a living armadillo.

My one and only Gateway Park armadillo encounter was with the armadillo victim of an unsolved murder committed with a gun.

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