Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Are You Killing A Tree For Christmas This Year?

Continuing with this blog's ongoing Happy Holiday Theme.

Until I run out of material.

This morning I voted in a poll I saw in my old hometown newspaper, the Skagit Valley Herald, which asked the terribly serious question, "Which Christmas tree are you most likely to have this year?'

The way this question was asked seemed a bit awkward to me. For the answers the poll was soliciting for it might have been more accurate to simply ask "Where are you getting your Christmas tree this year?"

The options in this important poll were "Live tree from store", "Cut my own tree", "Artificial tree" and "No tree".

As you can see, via the small print at the bottom of the poll, chart I voted "No tree".

It is odd to me that one of the options is not "Buy tree from local tree farm", due to the fact that there are a lot of Christmas tree farms in the Skagit Valley and in other locations all over Western Washington.

Every year, at Krogers, I see Christmas trees for sale that have been shipped all the way from Western Washington. Those trees always smell like home to me.

The fact that Krogers would ship trees over 2,000 miles sort of tells me there must be no Christmas tree farms in Texas, which seems totally ridiculous to me. Surely there are Christmas tree farms in the Piney Woods Region of East Texas?

The first time I saw  the Piney Woods Region I was very surprised by how much it looked like much of Western Washington looks, as in, hilly with evergreen trees.

I vaguely recollect reading somewhere about someone harvesting a Christmas tree from the Tandy Hills. I think this may have been part of some prototype experiment. Harvesting a few Tandy Hills trees to test the viability of them passing for Christmas trees.

However, I have not read of any Tandy Plan to sell cutting rights to marked Christmas trees on the Tandy Hills, selling them to both raise some funds for the Tandy Hills and to eliminate some of those nasty unnatural invasive species that have inserted  themselves on the Tandy Hills Natural Area.

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