Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Am Advising You That It Is Windy Today In North Texas

My computer based weather monitoring device has been issuing a  "WIND ADVISORY" for two days.  I guess the purpose of this advisory is to advise people that if what they plan to do might be impacted by wind to be advised that it will be windy.

Well, just as my computer based weather monitoring device advised, it has been real windy the past couple days.

The wind seems to be blowing from the south. And thus it is a warm wind, as in, currently, coming up on 3 on this Saturday afternoon, the temperature in the outer world at my location is 78 degrees.

As you can see, via the view of the wagon trail high atop Mount Tandy, heading west towards the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth, the wind has blown some fast moving clouds over North Texas.

Tomorrow those clouds overhead are scheduled to release some moisture, along with random lightning strikes, which you can see predicted on the printout below, brought to you by my computer based weather monitoring device...

Looking at the above weather information it appears Monday morning will be the last morning, til the next heat wave, where the temperature criteria will meet the 24 hour average of 50 degrees or above required, by me, for the pool to be comfortably swimmable.

I think I will go on a rare Saturday afternoon swim in the wind, just to get in some extra swimming before the temperature ban arrives.

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