Thursday, November 8, 2012

Handlebars Over The Pool Dragging Down My Blog

Those are my bike's handlebars looking as if they are preparing to dive into the pool. If one were to think that that is what is about to happen this would be what is known as an erroneous assumption.

My bike is near the pool because that is the location of the nearest hose from which I can dispense water to wash off the dusty bike.

This morning I learned, via a blog comment from someone named Anonymous, that my bike's handlebars being pictured is having a serious deleterious affect on my blog....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Mountain Biking In Gateway Park Before Having Fish & Chips": 

Please drop the bike handlebars pictures. Now. It's dragging your blog down. No excuses.

I had no idea that my blog was so elevated that pictures of a bike's handlebars could drag it down. Anonymous seems to be a very demanding sort, insisting these handlebar pictures cease "Now" with "no excuses" allowed for not dropping the handlebar pictures.

From what I know of my nature, or character, or whatever one calls ones behavior pattern, I think I have a tendency to ignore anyone telling me do to something. Unless they have some sort of credential in my eyes, or make some sort of case that makes some sort of sense.

In this serious handlebar pictures issue I can not imagine how someone Anonymous musters up a level of energy over someones personal blog to the point where someone Anonymous would feel the need to leave such a comment.

Sort of bizarre.

Yet also sort of amusing.

I am likely driving my handlebars to the Village Creek Natural Historical Area today. I do not plan on riding my bike today. But I may drag the bike out to take yet one more handlebar picture in order to further drag my blog down into that abyss into which it is apparently falling.

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