Friday, November 9, 2012

Dodging Widow Makers & Snakes In River Legacy Park Before Christmas Shopping In Walmart

Those are my handlebars in River Legacy Park today, on the mountain bike trail, stopped by a widow maker.

I do not know if widow maker is a universal term, or not, but, in the Pacific Northwest a widow maker is what a logger calls a tree which behaves badly, turning the logger's wife into a widow.

With with my computer based weather monitoring device issuing a "WIND ADVISORY" I had some reservations about going biking today in the River Legacy Park jungle due to the wind potentially blowing at a high velocity, knocking limbs off trees.

But, I disregarded the reservations and heading to Arlington anyway.

As I pedaled along the turning twisting trails the wind only periodically managed to pierce the dense cover of trees. At times I found myself pedaling over a very thick carpet of leaves. Pedaling over a thick carpet of leaves can be a bit unsettling because one does not know what lurks beneath the leaves.

I pedaled past one snake today. A very little snake with a diamond type pattern, ala a rattlesnake. But, I'm fairly certain the little guy was not a rattlesnake. I heard no rattle.

Currently the outer world is being heated to 82 degrees at my location, slightly after 3 in the afternoon of the 2nd Friday of November. The outer world was already heated into the 60s when I went swimming this morning. The pool should be warmer tomorrow morning than it was today, due to this current heat wave.

The pool remaining so swimmable past one week into November is the best evidence I've experienced yet that Global Warming is a reality.

I went to Walmart after I was done dodging widow makers. Christmas stuff is already on the shelves. Ugh.

I heard Feliz Navidad on the radio on the way to River Legacy Park. The evermore unhinged Rush Limbaugh was playing that Christmas classic as part of his current insanity about Santa Claus and the Democrats.

I used to escape the holiday season, or at least part of it, by going to Reno, Las Vegas or Southern California. Or all three, on more than one occasion. I've only escaped the holiday season once since I've been in Texas, that being Christmas of 2000, spent in Yuma with my parental units, going to Mexico Christmas morning.

Feliz Navidad, everyone.

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