Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Back On The Tandy Hills Finding Endorphins & Trucks But No Turkeys

Stunning Skyline of Beautiful Downtown Fort Worth
In the picture you are on the Tandy Hills, looking west across some Texas prairie, at part of the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth, from a vantage point midway down Mount Tandy.

With my pool too cool to get wet in I am currently suffering a slight endorphin shortage due to a decrease in my regular dose of aerobic stimulation.

I cured my current slight endorphin shortage by doing some very fast paced hill hiking on a very pleasantly temperatured Tandy Hills in the noon time frame on this second Wednesday of the next to last month of 2012.

Already almost half of November has passed into history. In one day over a week from now, that day will be here that many Americans celebrate by eating too much turkey. I will not be participating in that particular ritual this year.

Two months ago if you asked me where I was going to be in the latter half of November I would have likely told you I likely would be in Arizona. That no longer looks likely.

I digressed from the Tandy Hills into the dreaded holiday season, I shall now digress back to the Tandy Hills.

Like I said, the above picture was taken midway down Mount Tandy. At the bottom of Mount Tandy, on the northern side of the mountain, I was startled by a very unnatural man made item.

With that item being the big white thing you see in the picture below.

As I was hiking down Mount Tandy I heard mechanical noises. But, by the time I walked by the above truck, there was no human in sight, the truck's engine was not running, but I still heard mechanical noises, to the south of my location. During my extensive tour of the Tandy Hills today the above was the only mechanical device I came across. And I saw no heavy equipment operators.

Speaking of man made devices.

Sample of New Tandy Hills Signage
Soon, some non mobile, man made devices, are going to be added to the Tandy Hills in the form of signage. Trails will be named, with junctions marked. My years of wandering lost in discombobulated confusion on the maze of Tandy Hills trails should come to an end.

I got the information about the new Tandy Hills signage via Facebook, including the explanatory info below...

"It will soon be easier to orient oneself on the trails at Tandy Hills Natural Area thanks to a trail marking and mapping system designed, fabricated and installed by C.R. Wright. This is an Eagle Scout project for C.R. who is the son of local sculptor, Deran Wright. Before the end of the year, there will be an accompanying map available for download at the Tandy Hills website and GPS coordinates stamped into each of the first 11 markers. So now you can tell friends you'll meet them on the Hawk Trail, the Cottontail Trail or the Wildflower Loop get the idea. Thanks to C.R. and his team for making this happen."

Will Mount Tandy, Lost Sunglasses Ridge, the Tandy Escarpment, Tandy Falls and the Tandy Highway be marked with signage, I can not help but wonder?

I suspect not.

Mount Tandy, Lost Sunglasses Ridge, the Tandy Escarpment, Tandy Falls and the Tandy Highway are already well known landmarks to those who frequent the Tandy Hills.

This addition to the Tandy Hills will sure make it easier to explain where one has had a Road Runner or Rattlesnake encounter. Or to point a hiker to the location of the Bamboo Teepee. Or the Creepy Crypt.

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