Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Somber Walk To The Village Creek Blue Bayou Pondering Durango Obesity

The Village Creek Blue Bayou
Today it seemed to me a peaceful walk to the Village Creek Blue Bayou, with the Indian Ghosts who haunt this place in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area, was just the sort of contemplative place I needed to be to do some pondering.

The Blue Bayou was being particularly blue today, matching my mood. The leaves in the trees are no longer all green.

I want a house painted inside and out in the current Village Creek Blue Bayou color scheme.

The last time I chose colors, for the inside and out of a house, off white and brown was pretty much the color scheme. I was not a very colorful person at that point in time.

This morning I blogged on my DurangObesity blog for the first time in awhile. The blogging was titled The Airlines Are Getting Serious About Flying Obese Customers Of Size.

When I logged into the Obesity blog account I saw Gmail was among the Google products. I did not recollect setting anything to go to DurangObesity Gmail. I clicked on the DurangObesity Gmail and found 18 emails. None of them spam.

I was surprised to learn that I'd gotten email from someone on the production staff of a UK reality show soliciting my help with a program that had something to do with fat families in the UK and US. This person wanted to know if I knew any American families who were okay with being fat. The show was going to switch a UK Fat Family with a US Fat Family. I think that was the premise. Fat Family Swap.

I did not feel too bad that I'd not found this email in a timely fashion because I could be of no use, because I know of no American family who is all happy about being fat.

Another email was from the author of a book about the diet President William Howard Taft went on way back early in the last century. That blogging was titled William Howard Taft: America's First & Only Obese President. The author of the book was inquiring as to whether I'd be interested in reading it. He offered to email me the book in PDF format.

Another email shared with me that person's diet plan, asking me what I thought of it.

The other emails were of a similar ilk, one way or another.

By the time this day is over I am going to check the Gmail accounts of all my blogs. I am  guessing I am in for some surprises. For some reason I thought I had all incoming from the blogs directed to my main email address. Instead, apparently, it is just comments I have directed to my main email address. I did not realize people were emailing the Gmail address associated with the various blogs.

I am such an idiot sometimes. I freely admit this and don't feel this condition is anything I can improve, because it is what is known as a chronic condition.

Another thing that surprised me when I logged into the DurangObesity Google account today was to see the number of page views of some of the various bloggings. I don't think I saw this info with the old version of the Google Blogger. Some of the DurangObesity bloggings have had thousands of page views.

I knew the DurangObesity AdSense revenue thing was constantly generating, but I did not realize this was due to a large number of page views.

Like I already said, I am such an idiot sometimes and readily, freely, admit this.

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