Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Relatively Depressed Walk With Indian Ghosts & Scooter Man

I woke up this morning feeling relatively depressed. I don't know why. Other than the relative depression may have something to do with annoying epic length cinematic dreams, I mean, nightmares, that put me through a living hell last night.

I also may be relatively depressed due to the outer world being too cool to swim in the pool.

I needed to go to Walmart to get my anti-depressant, I mean, a can of coffee. So, since Walmart is in the neighborhood, I went to the Village Creek Natural Historical Area to commune with the Indian Ghosts who haunt that area.

But the Indian Ghosts were not doing much haunting today. However, there was a lot of noisy ground action coming from busily rooting armadillos.

Above, in the picture, you are looking at one of the dams which impound water to make the Interlochen canals. When I got to this Interlochen dam today I was on the far side of the view you see in the picture.

When I got to that location and began crossing the dam I saw a real surreal Twin Peakish type scene on the other side.

A gentleman, appearing to be older than me, and a bit heftier, rolled up to the dam on a scooter, along with two large dogs. The older gentleman then lowered the scooter onto the dam and proceeded to scooter across the dam, with his two unleashed dogs.

We met in mid dam and howdied.

The scooter man got to the other side of the dam, got off the scooter and carried it up to the trail that leads to the Village Creek Blue Bayou. This trail does not seem as if it would be very scooter friendly to me.

Very perplexing. What with miles of paved scooter friendly trails, why go this route?

Anyway, I am a bit tired, courtesy of my long night of relatively annoying nightmares. I hope I don't have a repeat tonight.

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