Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Is Going On Behind The No Trespassing Signs In Fort Worth's Gateway Public Park?

In Gateway Park, on the south side of the paved trail one exits to enter the Gateway Park Mountain Bike Trail there is an old roadway that heads south towards the Trinity River.

Years ago I pedaled a short distance on this particular trail and found that a goathead had flattened my flat tire.

For months now I have been seeing big trucks hauling what looks like rocks, from behind the Gateway Park ball fields. The road these trucks are exiting from has two NO TRESPASSING CITY EMPLOYEES ONLY signs. I climbed up on the berm that surrounds the ball fields and could see heavy equipment in the distance.

The heavy equipment made me curious. Gas drilling operation? In the park? What?

Road Through The Gateway Park Backwoods
So, I jogged down the aforementioned road, past the point where I'd been flattened years before. I was surprised by the distance I was running, by how much undeveloped space I was seeing in Gateway Park that I'd not seen before.

After awhile, on my right, I saw chain link fence on top of a levee type berm.

There is a long abandoned sewage treatment plant in Gateway Park. Years ago I climbed through the cyclone fence and explored around the old cement structures.

The area previously explored was a distance to the west. When I climbed up the levee type berm to see what I could see, today, I saw a lot of abandoned cement structures and a lot of heavy equipment.

The abandoned sewage treatment plant is way bigger than I previously realized.

My best guess as to what is going on with the heavy equipment is the cement structures are being broken up and removed.

Then I remembered years ago reading of a strange proposed development that I think later became part of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle after the Boondoggle was expanded to include Gateway Park.

That strange proposed development was to turn the abandoned sewage treatment area into an outdoor amphitheater that could sit thousands.

Is that what is now underway?

The entire abandoned sewage treatment plant is surrounded by a high levee berm. I assume this was installed to keep a flooding Trinity River from flooding into the treatment plant. Or to keep an out of control sewage treatment plant from flooding sewage into the Trinity River.

Not that anyone would notice.

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