Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Shadow Of The Tandy Thin Man Walking & Talking With My Sister From Arizona While Theo Says Hi To Grandpa

That is the Shadow of the Tandy Thin Man you are looking at in the picture.

My sister, who usually lives in Arizona, rode with me to the top of Mount Tandy today to go on an hour long hill hike.

It was another perfectly temperatured Tandy day to get some salubrious endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation, though the endorphin induction was somewhat lessened due to some of the hiking energy being transferred to talking energy.

The City of Fort Worth Water Guys were back on the Tandy Highway. I've noticed evidence of their return for a week or so, with today being the first time in this current appearance of the City of Fort Worth Water Guys, that I've actually seen one of their white trucks in action.

Currently the outer world is being heated to 74 degrees at my location. I have my computer room window open.

This morning the outer world was chilled to the reverse of the current 74 degrees, as in it was 47 degrees when I attempted to swim in the cool pool.  The outer world is currently scheduled to be heated to the mid 80s by Thursday and Friday, which should make for a less cool pool.

My sister told me that she'd been Skyping on her phone with my Tacoma sister and my nephews David and Theo and niece Ruby, with my mom and dad present for the Skyping.

My mom also mentioned this to me when I called on Sunday.

What my mom did not tell, but my sister did, is that when less than 2 years old Theo got on the phone my dad was holding the phone in Arizona, with Theo blurting out, with no prompting, "Hi Grandpa."

Apparently Theo is known for his reticence and the fact that you can not get him to talk when you want him to. So, that "Hi Grandpa" made quite an impression.

My favorite ex-sister-in-law tried to get me Skyping so I could Skype with her grandson, Spencer Jack. I remember downloading and installing Skype, but, in my ineptitude, being unable to get it to work.

I have been told previously that David, Theo and Ruby's other grandma, who lives in Colorado, also was unable to get Skype to work. I suspect the Colorado granny and I both suffer from age-related techno incompetence.

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