Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An Extremely Foggy Tandy Hills Hike With A Monkey On My Back

In the picture you are looking at the wagon trail on top of Mount Tandy which heads west towards the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth.

When I was on the Tandy Hills today the skyline of Fort Worth was not visible, due to a very thick fog, along with a very light drizzle, rendering drastically reduced visibility.

For those of you who have always lived landlocked, this fog and drizzle thing, that is happening today in parts of North Texas, is what a day on the Pacific Coast is like, at times.

Only in North Texas you hear no pounding surf, no matter how hard you try and listen. You may see an occasional seagull, though.

Obviously with the thick fog, and I assume clouds, no direct solar radiation is hitting the planet's surface today in my location.

The lack of direct solar radiation on the water in my pool may make it a little more cool than it was this morning. Yesterday's 80 some degrees heated up the pool quite nicely for this morning's regularly scheduled swim.

Changing the subject from one thing to something else.

Those of you who were worried about Elsie Hotpepper being missing and who were participating in the search for the missing EH, after the BOLO was issued, well, Elsie Hotpepper has surfaced, a little worn from the ordeals she has been going through, but surfaced, nonetheless.

Changing the subject once again to something else.

I took advantage of yesterday's rare appearance of the sun to make a big jug of sun tea, using Kava Kava tea, Tension Tamer tea, decaf Sleepytime  Green Jasmine Lemon tea, plus lemon and lime juice and a tea bobber filled with ginger paste.

The sun tea brewed all day yesterday, til the sun set. After the sun set last night I drank two glasses of this brew and soon found myself being way too relaxed and tension free.

Being too relaxed and tension free is not my norm, so this was very unsettling.

I was so unsettled I ended up staying up til around midnight, and then back up well before the sun, drinking coffee.

I've got a coffee/tea monkey on my back.

It is a living hell having an addictive personality.

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