Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Mysterious Red Bush At Village Creek Along With Other Mysterious Scenery At Walmart

I do not know how I missed noticing, previously, the red branched bush you see in the picture, on any of my many previous walks with the Indian Ghosts whose job it is to haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area in Arlington.

The red branched bush appeared on the south side of the paved trail, a few hundred feet from the Dottie Lynn Parkway Indian Village Creek Natural Historical Area parking lot, on the east side of the open space caused by a power line right of way that unnaturally slices through the natural area.

Why I had not noticed this red branched bush before is unsettling. Apparently I am not very observant.

Or the Indian Ghosts are playing tricks with the Village Creek Natural Historical Area foliage.

I suspect the latter explanation.

After my rather short walk with the Indian Ghosts I went to the nearby Walmart Supercenter where I was also appalled by the scenery.

The explanation for the appalling Walmart scenery could not be blamed on Indian Ghosts.

The blame for the appalling Walmart scenery today is America's out of control obesity epidemic and the human form distortions that are the epidemic's result with too many who have way too bad a taste level about what they put on their plus-sized bodies.

Today I thought to myself if I had some sort of hidden video cam stuck somewhere on my person and walked around my local Walmart I would quickly have enough footage for a very amusing video, with both sights and the sounds. I over hear so many amusing snippets of dialogue whilst I walk around Walmart, some of which is me talking.

More than once I have been in Walmart and observed a particularly interesting example of an extra large human, slovenly attired, with multiple tattoos and piercings. I then wonder to myself if this big person actually thinks that getting some tattoos and piercings is going to be a big enhancement to their over all look?

I would think that, rather than spend money on tattoos and piercings, the money might be better spent on clothes that fit.

When I am in Walmart I also see many examples of plus-sized humans attired in clothes that fit them, with a good-looking result. So, it is not like there are no examples, in Walmart, of how to be BIG and still wear clothes that fit and look good.

I know it might sound like I am some sort of obesity bigot, but I really am not. What I'm a bigot about is unnecessary slovenliness to which innocent eyeballs, like mine, are subjected to against our will.

What set me off today was this woman, looking to be maybe 40 something. She was wearing way too short shorts that were way too small, creating an effect that looked like sausage oozing from its casing. The tight t-shirt like top did not have enough material to cover this woman's midsection, so it oozed out over the top of the way too shorts.

A tattoo surrounded the exposed giant crater where I think the belly button was located. Other tattoos were on both legs. There were arm tattoos. A pin pierced through the eyebrow above the left eye, another piercing was in the nose. There likely were other piercings and tattoos, but one must limit ones gawking time in these type circumstances.

So, that has been my day today, so far, freak show at Walmart, looking forward to another type freak show tonight with the Vice-Presidential Debate at 7/8C.

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