Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sniffling My Way Around Fosdick Lake To Quack With The Fosducks

I do not recollect if I've previously blogged a photo of the paved trail that winds its way around Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park.

In the photo, you might guess, because I've already mentioned it, that is the paved trail around Fosdick Lake you are looking at.

You can sort of tell that the trail is going up a hill at this location. Heading north up a hill on the east side of Fosdick Lake.

On the long, almost 4 mile, drive to Oakland Lake Park my allergies started acting up quite miserably. By the time I arrived and parked I was thinking that the walking outdoors idea might be a bad one.

However, very quickly after I started walking the allergy woes abated.

I walked the paved trail all the way around Fosdick Lake and then sat on a conveniently located park bench, for a spell, to quack with the Fosdick Lake Fosducks, who were in happy quacking form today.

In my foggy groggy state I did not realize, til a minute ago, that Elsie Hotpepper has gone missing again. I lack the energy to hunt her down at my currently level of extreme decrepitude.

I got gas yesterday and did not call my mom. I am feeling a little guilty about this. My mom is allergic to people with allergies, so I was afraid she'd have an allergic reaction to my sniffling and nasal voice.

Green Fosdick Lake
Fosdick Lake was looking very green today, as in the color of the water was green, not just the color reflected off the water.

I think that the green Fosdick Lake water must be very nutritious, because I saw 3 very big fish jump out of the green water today, making 3 big splashes.

Where do the fish in Fosdick Lake come from, I found myself wondering today? It is not a natural lake. It is the result of a dam damming up a little trickle of a creek. Did the city stock Fosdick Lake at some point in time, with the fish remaining the mutant survivors of that original stocking?

It would be a really nice thing if the city of Fort Worth cleaned up the water in Fosdick Lake and stocked it with a variety of edible fish, like the city of Hurst does with the lake that is in Chisholm Park, with its trout, catfish, bass and other slippery water dwellers.

What would be so difficult about draining Fosdick Lake, cleaning up the lake bed, then making sure the water that refills the lake is clean, then stocking the lake with edible fish? If Fort Worth would do this it would likely make the city the Envy of the Nation, maybe even make the entire world Green with Envy.

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