Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quacking With The Fosdick Lake Fosducks While Recovering From Cockroach Nightmares

The Flock of Fosducks who live at Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park were being very sociable today.

Via the picture you can almost tell how loudly the fosducks were quacking at me.

Even though the temperature was in the 90s, on its way to being over 100.


There were a lot of people aerobicizing under the noon day sun.

And 3 guys fishing. Humans, not birds.

I don't know how my camera managed to turn Fosdick Lake into such a nice shade of blue. My all natural visualizing orbs saw a lake looking green, not blue.

I woke up this morning with a really bad punched in the gut feeling. With a small bruise on my left forearm. I have no evidence that I've had another sleep walking incident. Except for the bruise. And that punched in the gut feeling.

I think the punched in the gut feeling may have been nightmare related. Last night I nightmared a cinematic epic that involved cockroaches. I nightmared cockroaches were crawling all over me as I laid in bed. I woke up, drenched in sweat, swatting at non-existent cockroaches.

The cockroach nightmare may have been caused by a partial viewing of Days of Wine & Roses. I made it to the part where Jack Lemmon visits Lee Remick's apartment for the first time. Lee had warned Jack that her apartment building was infested with cockroaches, and, if he did not mind such an infestation, he could come visit.

So, Jack Lemmon shows up with a bag of booze and a bottle of cockroach killing spray. He then proceeds to spray all over Lee's apartment.

A short time later the apartment manager is knocking on Lee's door, asking if she's been spraying the cockroaches, saying that the spraying has the cockroaches all riled up all over the building. Soon, the other tenants are coming out of their apartments to yell at Lee about the stirred up cockroaches.

Jack and Lee shrug it off and proceed to get drunk. I proceeded to turn off Days of Wine & Roses because I couldn't get past the nonsensical cockroach scene. That and I really am not a big fan of watching people get drunk, either in a movie or in real life.

Have I previously mentioned that I never saw a cockroach til I was in Texas? I remember my first cockroach like it was yesterday.

Before moving to Texas, I made a test run, staying in Fort Worth for a week. During that one week visit, on Wednesday, May 6, 1998, a date that lives in infamy, I saw my first cockroach, and also experienced my first ever bout of food poisoning.

The cockroach was seen in the Weatherford Visitor's Center. These were big cockroaches, not the petite German brand I have as occasional housepets. The food poisoning came courtesy of a hamburger from a greasy spoon located on the Parker County Courthouse Square, in Weatherford, which resulted in rocket-like projectile vomiting the next morning.

I don't think I consumed another hamburger until sometime in the century that followed the century in which I was food poisoned.

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