Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Pedaling In River Legacy Park With The Holiday Hordes

The West Loop/Bypass Junction
Today I drove my 4 wheeled motorized motion device to River Legacy Park to pedal my 2 wheeled un-motorized motion device under the shade that chills the River Legacy Park mountain bike trails.

A lot of people drove their 4 wheeled motorized motion devices to River Legacy Park today. A lot of walkers, joggers, bladers, skateboarders and bikers.

I can be real dense sometimes. No, really, it's true. Today I was pedaling along, totally perplexed as to why River Legacy Park had so many people, including the picnickers I forgot to mention, enjoying the outdoors today.

And then I remembered. It's a holiday. Labor Day. The informal end of summer, even though the actual end does not come til September 22, with the arrival of the Autumnal Equinox.

It is HOT today. 97 degrees right now, with the humidity making it feel like 104. One does not get HOT whilst pedaling the shaded River Legacy Park mountain bike trails.

Til one stops for a water break.

Moisture quickly begins to seep, which then is very cooling once one is back pedaling.

My first waterbreak today came at the trail junction you see in the picture above. As you can also see, the trail is nicely shaded. At this junction I had the option of taking the West Loop, or the West Loop Bypass. I chose the West Loop. This goes by Fun Town. I do not go into Fun Town. Fun Town looks too scary to me.

River Legacy Park's new playground for kids is now open and ready for business.

The playground is sort of exposed to the sun, except for the mesh bridge that is back in the trees.

This is just about the best looking kid's playground I have ever seen. When I was a kid playgrounds, such as this, did not exist.

I was tempted to be a kid, then I saw the "NO GROWNUPS ALLOWED" sign. I do not think it is fair to discriminate in this manner. Who is to say who is a grownup?

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