Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Walk In The Rain Perplexed By An Area Closed To The Public In A Fort Worth Public Park

Under A Bumbershoot Stopped By A Spider
Today, on my way to Town Talk, I stopped at Gateway Park via the Beach Street park entrance.

This morning, swimming in the rain was very pleasant, so I thought I'd have myself a noontime relaxing walk in the rain under my bumbershoot.

In the picture you are looking at Trinity Falls from the middle of the pedestrian bridge that exits Gateway Park to the Trinity Trails.

I only recently learned, via Hometown by Handlebar, that this bridge does not cross a creek, which I erroneously thought, but instead it crosses a former riverbed of the Trinity River. The Army Corps of Engineers, in flood prevention mode, rendered this section of the Trinity River to its current non-river status.

I got no further on the bridge across the former Trinity River than you see in the picture. I was stopped by a giant spider and its web. You can see the spider in the picture, it being that dot slightly above the center. I don't like tangling with giant spiders, and so I didn't.

I reversed direction and walked back into Gateway Park. When I started walking the rain was falling lightly, by the time I headed back into Gateway Park the rain had greatly quickened its pace.

I soon found myself looking at something I have been perplexed by for a couple years now. That being the boarded up boardwalks in Gateway Park.

How does a self-deluded World Class City, like Fort Worth, one of the most modern, highly developed, forward thinking, advanced cities in the world, reconcile its renowned, imaginary greatness with having a sign in one of its public parks saying "AREA CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC?"

How many more years are these boardwalks going to be boarded up? If there is no plan to fix the boardwalks, why not remove the eyesores?

Seriously, Fort Worth really needs to start learning to put on its big boy pants and start acting like a grown up city, instead of a town stuck in a troubled adolescence, with a lot of really bad pimples, with, apparently, no anti-pimple ointment in play.

What is the current status of one of Fort Worth's other embarrassing eyesores? That being Heritage Park in downtown Fort Worth, across the street from the Tarrant County Courthouse, overlooking the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle.

Over the years I have learned of Fort Worth's alleged greatness only via propaganda spewed in the town's sad excuse for a newspaper, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I have never actually heard a Fort Worth native spew the delusional Star-Telegram type propaganda regarding the wonders of Fort Worth which make the rest of the planet Green With Envy....

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