Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Previously Unnoticed Mysterious Tree Formation In The Rainy Village Creek Natural Historical Area

I did not realize rain had been falling til the sun arrived to light up the outer world at my location this morning. I don't know when the rain started, but I do know it continues, still, midway through Sunday's afternoon.

Today's rain has not been a typical Texas rain. Instead today's rain has been the stereotypical Pacific Northwest type rain that happens for much of the fall, winter and spring. A non-stop slow rain that goes on and on for days.

I carried a bumbershoot with me today, unopened, because the rain was not falling in amounts sufficient to require its use.

With all this rain talk you are probably thinking you are looking at a picture of a rain forest, because the picture does sort of look like a rain forest.

A rain forest needs moss. I have seen no moss in the forest in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

I have seen fungus though, like today, on the stump in the middle of the picture. I do not see how it is I never noticed this tree/stump combo before, til today. The tree/stump combo is located just a short distance from the Dottie Lynn Parkway parking lot. What makes this tree so noticeable, and odd, is that stump in the center of the picture.

That bent tree trunk is supported by the stump. How this came to be, I do not know. Was the tree blown over on top of what is now that supporting stump? It was the stump, which is now dead, on which the big fungi grows.

Speaking of fungi.

Yesterday I got around to viewing the Innocence of Muslims YouTube video that has made some mad Muslims madder than their regular Muslim madness level.

The video is so ridiculously stupid I put it on my TV blog. Click the link in the paragraph above and see if it makes you mad. It likely will not, make you mad, unless you are an easy to make mad Muslim.

The Muslims that it has been my good fortune to know have been very easy going, tolerant, kind and peaceful. Just like the majority of Muslims. It is that fringe mad Muslim group that causes that religion all its bad PR.

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