Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Cool Breeze Blowing Across A Turquoise Sea With A Dead Battery

It looks as if there may be whitecaps waving on that turquoise sea you see in the photo.

A breeze appears to be moving the leaves in the trees, so whitecaps on the pool,  I guess, are possible. It's a large body of water.

I was in that turquoise sea very soon after the sun arrived this morning. The temperature dipped somewhere in the 50s overnight. Hence the water in the turquoise sea was very refreshing.

At 4 this morning I woke up to find myself quickly thinking I'd left the A/C turned way too low.

Because I was cold.

Then I noticed my open bedroom window. A cold breeze was blowing through the opening. I shut the window and soon stopped shivering.

I thought I'd fixed the battery woe I mentioned yesterday. But, today the battery was back dead again. So, now, the battery, and the entire vehicle that surrounds it, have been taken to the Vehicle Doctor for intensive therapy. The sick vehicle is my bike carrier. I removed by bike before the vehicle was admitted to the hospital.

Speaking of intensive therapy. My allergic woes have abated a bit. But, there are still lingering issues. This morning I am in possession of the salubrious 4-Way Spray that has always worked for me in these type clogged situations.

I had my first dose of the new 4-Way Spray just a few minutes ago. The resulting relief is being very relieving.

Recovery is still not to the level that makes me feel like booking a flight out of this polluted part of the planet.

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