Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Chilly 59 Degrees With Continued Allergic Misery

Yesterday I mentioned the current temperature, at that point in time, in my old hometown of Mount Vernon, Washington, was 59 degrees.

This morning I woke up to find myself being pleasantly chilled in my current hometown to 59 degrees.

I am still in the throes of allergic misery that is way too much like having a bad cold. The difference, near as I can tell, between allergic misery and having a bad cold, is a bad cold is constant misery, while allergic misery comes and goes.

Currently I am having a slight respite from the woeful misery. Meaning my breathing tubes are currently not obstructed, my eyes are not itching and leaking too much and the sneeze impulse is not coming in waves, although just typing that seems to have brought on a wave of fresh misery on all fronts.

Yesterday, a couple hours before the sun left for the day, I drove blearily to Walmart to buy me some Claritin. I popped one of the Claritin pills before I left the store. For awhile I thought the Claritin was doing me some good. That did not last long. The directions indicated I was to only take one Claritin every 24 hours. Had the pill had a noticeable positive effect I likely would have broken that 24 hour rule when the misery returned, but the misery did not much abate, post-Claritin, so I will stick with that 24 hour rule.

Currently the outer world has been re-heated to a still relatively chilly 70 degrees. Heading to a predicted high today of 87. 87 is not too chilly.

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