Friday, August 10, 2012

Yesterday's Record Breaking HEAT Followed By A North Texas Cold Front

Temperature Headline the Star-Telegram
I did not know, til reading my secondary weather information source, that being the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, that we got heated to a HOT new record of 108 degrees yesterday.

Apparently a Cold Front will be cooling us today. Currently it is barely warm in the outer world, at 81 degrees at my location.

Tonight the low is supposed to get to a very very chilly 69 degrees. I shall be sleeping sound with my windows open tonight, with no air-conditioner conditioning my interior space with periodic blasts of semi-frigidity.

This incoming Cold Front dropping us into the chilly 90s puts me in mind of an amusing newspaper headline in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that I saw upon my arrival one summer during one of the years of this century. I think it may have been summer of 2001.

The headline was something like "Heat Wave Swelters Northwest With Day 3 in the 80s."

Such weather babies are those foggy people up in Western Washington. Three days in the 80s, in summer, in North Texas, would have people getting out their sweaters and long pants.


Steve A said...

No AC up here...

Durango said...

Ironically, both my siblings who still live in WA, the sister who is currently up in Alaska, who lives in Kent, and the sister in Tacoma have A/C to cool their homes on those very rare days when one might need such a thing in WA.