Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Was Forbidden To Ride My Horse On The Gateway Park Trails Today So I Mountain Biked Instead

It was back to Gateway Park today in the noon time frame to excessively exercise via high speed pedaling of my mountain bike crank on the twisting, turning, up and down, Gateway Park mountain bike trails.

I am trying to drastically amp up my amount of exercise and amp down my calorie consumption in an attempt to shrink before I strap myself into an airplane seat.

I am shrinking, but not very fast. I want my flying pants to be baggy on me once again. This is a lofty goal.

I thought about riding my horse on the Gateway Park mountain bike trails til I saw the signs warning me not to, with a number to call if I had any questions. Why would I have any questions after the sign clearly states "NO HORSES ON TRAIL"?

Why would anyone want to ride a horse on these trails? I have to duck, at times, on my bike, due to the low lying foliage.

There are also signs in Gateway Park informing park visitors that they are not allowed to pasture their animals in Gateway Park. Has there been a problem with people bringing in their cows to graze?

I think, sometimes, that some people get way too sign happy at this location on the planet. Pedal or walk the current state of Fort Worth's Trinity Trails and you will see prime examples of this bizarre phenomenon.

It was only 95 when I went biking today. Now, at around 3 in the afternoon, as you can see via info gleaned from my computer based temperature monitoring device, it is now 10 degrees HOTTER, at 105.

A few more degrees should be added to the 105 before the sun starts to reduce its daily heating efforts on this 2nd day of August.

When the temperature is this HOT, is it really necessary to add "HEAT ADVISORY" to the temperature info?

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