Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Did Not Ride Tether Or Pasture My Animals In Gateway Park Today

Today my handlebars are pointing at a goofy sign in Gateway Park, located midway between the entry to the FWMBA Mountain Bike Trail and the Corpse of the Murdered Armadillo.

The Corpse of the Murdered Armadillo sounds like a good title for an Agatha Christie mystery. I can't remember the last time I read an Agatha Christie mystery. I enjoyed them when I was a youngster, decades ago.


All shouted in capitals. With no commas.

And then the message is repeated in Spanish, but not shouted in capitals, but with commas, "No Se Permite Equitacion, Amarrar, O Pastoreo De Animales."

I guess people who speak Spanish must be the culprits pasturing their critters in Gateway Park. Apparently there are no Spanish speaking dog owners who bring their dogs to Gateway Park, because the DOG OWNERS part of the sign is not repeated in Spanish.

Have I mentioned previously how happy I am to have re-gained the ability to be bi-pedaling? I think the reason I trended towards being obese was due to the drastic reduction in calorie burning caused by the long breaks from bike riding. I have trended towards obese during both time periods when I have been bike-free in Texas.

In Washington I had way more ways to be active than I do in Texas, so lacking bike riding, like during the Washington cold and wet season, which is about 9 months of the year, did not cause me to trend towards being obese when I lived in Washington.

I don't know what it is that causes me to so easily gain weight in this state. For me, Texas is fattening. There should be a warning label somewhere.


Steve A said...

An alternate theory is that Spanish speakers do not allow their dogs to poop simply anywhere whereas the Gringos are, well, dirty.

I don't know that I agree with your Washington versus Texas exercise theory. It is a mile from where I am to the Ocean Shores IGA. That is too short to burn off the "with cream" coffee I consume on the way back. OTOH, it is 7 miles to work in Texas which makes for guilt-free coffee. No bike rack at the IGA, either.

Durango said...

Steve A---
I like your no need for Spanish explanation, while the dirty Gringos need common sense spelled out for them.

I think you're burning more calories than you realize with your metabolism having to work way harder to keep your warm biking in those almost frigid temperatures you're enjoying.