Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Mom & Dad's 61st Wedding Anniversary, Sad Hiroshima's 67th Atom Bomb Anniversary

On this date, August 6, 61 years ago, 6 years after the United States of America hastened the end of World War II by exploding an atom bomb over Hiroshima, Japan, my mom and dad got married.

A date which lives in infamy, along with other dates which live in infamy.

The last time my mom and dad had an anniversary party was on August 11, 2001, a month before another date which lives in infamy.

The 2001 anniversary party was held on August 11 due to the same reason such a party would be held on this August 11, if there were to be a party, this year, that reason being that in 2001, just like 2012, August 6 was a Monday, with the following Saturday being a day when it was convenient for people to make their way to an anniversary party.

None of my relatives, except for my two oldest nephews, knew I'd driven up to Washington for mom and dad's 50th.

I have not driven up to Washington since then.

The first couple years of my Texas exile I drove back and forth to Washington 5 times.

I got back to Texas a couple days before 9/11 in 2001. I guess I blame 9/11 for stopping my roadtrips to Washington. Why 9/11 caused this, I have no idea.

Even though flying became a big pain, post 9/11, I have flown back to Washington 6 times since that infamous date.

My mom and dad's 2001 50th anniversary party took place at my sister's house in Kent. This is the sister who is currently lost in Alaska, with no one having heard from Rosie the Rat Dog and her entourage for days. The last we've heard from them they were in the Valdez zone, where they were having multiple encounters with bears.

I do not know where my mom and dad are today. On Saturday I was told that at that point in time they were somewhere in Utah.

Happy Anniversary, mom and dad. Sad Anniversary, Hiroshima.

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