Monday, August 6, 2012

Avoiding Fun Town In River Legacy Park While Looking For Herds Of Little Wild Pigs

I was back at River Legacy Park in Arlington, today, to subject myself the the myriad maze of mountain bike trails.

In the picture you are looking at my handlebars looking at the sign pointing the way to Fun Town. That is a red skull and crossbones on the right on the sign. Next to the directional arrow, that points the way to Fun Town, is the word "EXPERT."

In mountain biking terms, to me, the word "expert" means "young daredevil." The entry into Fun Town is a near vertical drop. Not my idea of a fun bike ride.

Today I avoided the perilous juncture that got me way too close to young daredevil territory last Friday.

I am being a bit perplexed about not seeing any wildlife whilst pedaling the River Legacy Park mountain bike trails. I used to see a lot of armadillos, bobcats, snakes and herds of little wild pigs. I may have seen a squirrel today. I heard no birds chirping. Or cicadas. The deep woods was being deadly silent. That just does not seem natural to me.


cd0103 said...

Too darn hot for too many days. Everyone, even my inside animals, is sleeping during the heat of the day.

Durango said...

cd0103, why did this obvious explanation not occur to me? The HEAT is making me more dense than usual.