Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Pot Bellied Old Bald Man Walking With My Sister & The Indian Ghosts At The Village Creek Natural Historical Area

My sister who lives in Arizona, who last walked with me the Saturday before yesterday's Saturday, on the Tandy Hills, went walking with me today, with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area in Arlington.

It was a bit warm when I left air-conditioned comfort today. As in 93 degrees, with the extreme humidity making is supposedly feel like 101.

But, it did not feel like 101 to me, due to a lot of shade and a good strong breeze.

I last talked to my sister who lives in Arizona, last night, after she called me from her current location, in Tacoma. I missed the first call and called back to find myself serenaded with the Happy Birthday song, sung by my nephew, David, with help from his brother and sister, Theo and Ruby.

I called my sister back today after I finished talking to the Indian Ghosts because I had something relatively annoying I wanted to mention that I did not want to mention last night when I was on a speakerphone.

Village Creek was looking really pitiful today. There is no water moving, so the creek has become a series of ponds.

That is not the relatively annoying thing I wanted to talk to my sister about, even though Village Creek has become relatively annoying. I should have indicated I was changing the subject, thus avoiding confusion.


I was looking at the pond you see above, from one of the dam bridges that cross Village Creek, and was wondering what happens to the Village Creek fish and other critters, like turtles, when the creek stops moving and becomes a series of ponds.

As I stood looking at the scene above I saw something move in the distance, at the point you see in the picture where the pond narrows. You might be able to see what I saw by clicking on the picture to see the bigger version. What you will see is what I zoomed in on, with my camera, below.

A guy was fishing in the stagnant, scum covered pond. I'd be nervous to be fishing in this location, having to climb through a lot of jungle underbrush to get there. My one and only copperhead snake, that I've seen in Texas, was seen a few feet from where I was standing to take this picture.

I got email a couple days ago from someone asking me for directions to the Village Creek Natural Historical Area. I'm appalled I have been remiss in not previously indicating where this park is located.

From I-30, in far east Fort Worth, exit to Eastchase Parkway. You'll see a Wal-Mart on the north side of the freeway, a Target on the south side. Head south on Eastchase Parkway, past a McDonald's, past a Burger King, past a Race Trac gas station. At Meadowbrook Drive, Eastchase Parkway becomes Dottie Lynn Parkway, because you are now in Arlington. In less than a half a mile you will see the entry to the Village Creek Natural Historical Area on your left. There you will find a parking lot and the trail head that leads you into the park. The park entry is about 1.3 miles from the exit from I-30.

Go to this location every Sunday, in the noon time frame, and eventually you will see me. Look for an elderly bald man with a pot belly and a big walking stick.

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