Friday, August 24, 2012

A Fisherman Getting His Feet Wet In Fosdick Lake With Bright Orange Wildflowers

Apparently it was a good day to go fishing on Fosdick Lake today, even though eating a fish one caught in Fosdick Lake might turn out to be a fatal mistake.

There were several fishermen and fisherwomen fishing in Fosdick Lake today.

The fisherman you see in the picture had his seat sitting in the water, with his feet submerged in the toxic Fosdick brew.

I figure if there are warning signs telling people not to eat the Fosdick fish, not to swim in the Fosdick water and to not even launch a boat in the toxic Fosdick brew, that dipping ones feet in the water might not be a good idea.

I wonder if Fosdick Lake is one of Fort Worth's West Nile Virus mosquito breeding grounds slated for spraying? It seems that that would add even more toxicity to the already toxic Fosdick brew.

Even though we are having ourselves a Mosquito Crisis in North Texas, I have yet to see my first Texas mosquito, let alone get bit by one.

Maybe the unseasonably, unreasonably chilly temperatures will put a damper on the rampant North Texas mosquito breeding.

It was barely in the 80s when I drove to Oakland Lake Park, at noon, to walk around Fosdick Lake. Now, hours later my computer based temperature monitoring device is telling me it is only 89 degrees in the outer world at my location.

Are we done with 100 degree days for the year? I hope so.

Even though the prime time of the Texas wildflower season is long past, there is still some color coloring up the outdoors in Texas, like the bright orange flower I stared at today located near the south end of Fosdick Lake.


Marie said...

Hello, Durango! Just stumbled on your blog while searching for parks to walk. I just moved to the area - formerly lived in Northern Cali and Seattle, among other places. Although I've lived in Texas before, the lack of topography is a tough adjustment. I committed to stay here for good reasons, but man, I miss conifers, water and mountains. And rain. And cleanliness. Ah, life. Thanks for blogging!

Durango said...

Howdy Marie! Welcome back to Texas. Are you located in the D/FW zone? If so, you'll find plenty of good places to take a walk. If you want to do some actual hill hiking on real hills, the Tandy Hills Natural Area in Fort Worth will show you a little topography. Cedar Hills State Park is also real good in the hill department, with very good trails.

I miss evergreens, saltwater and mountains too. And a good multi day long Pacific Northwest rain. And fresh seafood and fruit.