Friday, August 3, 2012

A Crash Course In Texas Weather Has Me Worried That My Windows May Crack

I stole the Texas Weather map you see here, this morning,  from Gail Galtex, on Facebook.

I thought it was amusing and very accurate.

Particularly the Four Seasons. January, when it is just a little hot, Summer when it is a lot hotter, Summerer when it is really HOT and Christmas, when sometimes there is snow on the ground, but usually sort of hot.

There were be no snow on the ground on this part of the planet on this 3rd day of August. It is already 88 degrees and it is still morning.

Today the temperature predictors are predicting the outer world air will be heated to over 100 degrees, again. That same prediction is being predicted for the days that follow, into the predictable future.

A possible Hurricane Ernesto is brewing out in the Atlantic. Maybe Ernesto will bring some relief. Or make matters worse.

In addition to the Texas Weather Map, Gail Galtex also reported that the extreme heat had cracked her big picture window that faces south, the cracking occurring after day after day of the window catching the full brute force of the unrelenting sky heater.

Gail Galtex did not reveal if, after the big picture window got sun cracked, her air-conditioned air rushed out through the crack, replaced by HOT outer world air.

None of my big picture windows get directly assaulted by the damaging solar rays. I don't think I am in any danger of getting cracked. I sure hope not.


GG said...

Howdy Durango,

I'm glad to report that at this point the window is only cracked, not shattered, so the heat stays on the outside where it belongs. The window actually faces northwest towards LaGrave field/Lake Worth and is in shade most of the day then gets pelted with late afternoon sun. The thermometer near the window regularly reads 110° or more before the sun sets!

Durango said...

My sources misinformed me. I'm glad the window was not shattered and that your cool air is intact.

GG said...


The maintenance guy came by this afternoon. Found out the window is double paned and sure enough, the outside pane cracked. I guess it's *possible* a bird hit it, but it's the lower pane on the balcony and has a screen in front of it to reduce the reflection a bird would see. So our cool air should not escape even if it gets worse!