Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wishing I Were A Kid So I Could Play On The Soon To Open New River Legacy Park Playground

It has been several weeks since I last pedaled my two wheeled mechanical device at Arlington's River Legacy Park.

So, tonight, with the temperature being a relatively cool 96 degrees, I did myself some pedaling.

96 degrees is not all that HOT when the sun is not in overhead mode, and is instead heading towards sunset, thus making a lot of shade.

The parking lot construction and new paved trail have been completed since my last visit.

And the new kid's playground's construction is well underway. As you can see, via the above picture, looking at part of the new River Legacy Park kid's playground, it is not your ordinary playground.

Methinks it is going to be extremely popular.

You can not see it in the picture, but there is what looked to be a tree house, connected to the "stumps" you can see, via what appeared to be a thick mesh tunnel. Above the thick mesh tunnel was a sign that said "No Grownups Allowed." Written in what looked like little kid script.

Arlington would get an A+ from me for its parks.

If it weren't for outhouses.

Those outhouses bring the grade down to A-.

There were a lot of people at River Legacy Park tonight enjoying the pleasant temperature. I find that a very pleasant experience.

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