Thursday, July 5, 2012

Walking Carefully Past Live Ordnance In Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area

Earlier today I mentioned that I heard no 4th of July explosions of the firecracker sort, either on the actual Independence Day, or the days prior, or, so far, the day after.

After today's walking with the Village Creek Natural Historical Area Indian Ghosts I've decided I may be hard of hearing, due to the fact that I saw evidence today of massive explosive power, having been exploded, plus unexploded ordnance left on the ground, deep inside the Village Creek Natural Historical Area area.

The Village Creek Natural Historical Area is only a couple mile from my abode. I would think I would hear TNT Ground Blasters blasting.

Or the ground shaking.

At some point in time during the 4th of July evening I did hear military jets zipping overhead. I assumed this had something to do with whatever was going on at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium, or the Ballpark in Arlington, or both.

Dozens Of Unexploded Firecrackers
In the second picture you are looking at a wider view of the dozens upon dozens of unexploded firecrackers laying uncracked on the ground.

Were the firecrackers duds?

Or did something or someone scare the firecracker crackers, causing them to run away in fright, tossing their unexploded explosives to the ground?

Did they see a Ghost? Or maybe a Host of Ghosts?

I imagine the Indian Ghosts who haunt Village Creek do not take kindly to what sounds like gunfire. It would likely remind them of the noise made by the Texans when they came to evict them from their land.

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