Friday, July 13, 2012

Walking Around Green Fosdick Lake With The Brown Fosducks

Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park has grown greener since my last walkabout in that location.

After that last Fosdick walkabout and finding myself being appalled at the green color of the water I wondered how it was that Green Lake, in Seattle, was not green from pollution, with Green Lake being in a much more densely urbanized zone.

When I blogged about this green lake issue in a blogging titled Trying To Keep From Getting Dirty By Practicing Good Habits When I Walk Around Fosdick Lake the irony of me comparing green Fosdick Lake to a lake called Green Lake, flew right over my head, til now.

The Fosducks seem to be happy with their green lake.

My camera did not quite capture how cool the coloring was on the brown duck you see in the picture. Multiple shades of brown.

Brown is my favorite color. I've been previously accused of brown being my signature color. Apparently a lot of what I wear is brown.

It was 87 degrees when I went walking with the ducks, with the humidity making it, supposedly, feel like 99. However, a good wind was blowing across the lake, which really did not feel at all HOT.

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