Monday, July 23, 2012

Rosie The Rat Dog Is Now Catching Salmon In Alaska's Kenai River

For 5 or 6 days Rosie the Rat Dog was out of contact with the modern world and was thus unable to update her Alaska! Blog.

Yesterday contact with the modern world was once again established and so Rosie and her entourage were able to send out email and do some blog updating in a blog post titled Kenai Friends.

I am a little unclear as to where the re-connection to the Internet was made, I think maybe it was in Seward.

I suspect Rosie is out of contact again, now that they are on the Kenai Peninsula.

The two humans, who Rosie takes care of, have been getting their daily limit of 3 salmon, caught via fishing in the Kenai River.

The pictures in the most recent blogging show some rather spectacular scenery, including active volcanoes, in addition to the picture of Rosie the Rat Dog on a park bench under a giant mosquito.

I don't know if the West Nile Virus has made it all the way north to Alaska. I have read nothing about anyone in Rosie the Rat Dog's entourage getting mosquito bites.

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