Monday, July 9, 2012

My Nephew David Is Thinking About Taking Up Skin Diving

Continuing on with the continuing series of bloggings about my cute nephews.

That is my nephew David in the picture. I am hoping to meet David for the first time next month.

David has a wind-up skin diver toy that has replaced his banjo as his favorite.

David calls his skin diver toy his "swimmer diver."

On Sunday David went to the Seattle Aquarium. At 11 in the morning the aquarium puts on a show with a skin diver in a tank. People watch the show whilst seated.

Except for David.

David spent the entire show standing as close as was allowed to the glass, showing his "swimmer diver" to the skin diver in the tank. I don't know if the lady narrating the show made note of David and his "swimmer diver."

My sister said when David got home he was "over the moon with happiness at the whole experience."

Methinks David has himself an uncle who is going to find him very amusing.

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