Friday, July 20, 2012

Looking Over My Handlebars At Scorched Quanah Parker Park Earth Heated To Over 100 Degrees With No Irritated Eyes

Once again I am copying my favorite Fort Worth blog, Hometown by Handlebar, by taking a look at something over my handlebars.

In today's look over my handlebars I am closer to my actual hometown, due to being in the town I am currently aboding in, Fort Worth, west of my previous looks over my handlebars, in Arlington.

What you are seeing my handlebars pointing towards is the remains of a fire in Quanah Parker Park.

I was peacefully pedaling against the wind when I began to notice a not unpleasant burned smell. Soon I came upon the remains of a wildfire that had scorched a 10 foot wide swatch about 100 feet long along the Quanah Parker Park paved trail.

I've no clue what lit this Quanah Parker Park wildfire. Lightning strike? Arson?

When Mother Nature sets something on fire, with a lightning strike, is that considered arson?

I really think the bad behavior of Mother Nature besmirches all the Good Mothers in the world.

I think Mother Nature maybe should be renamed Naughty Nature, for those times when Nature does a bad deed, like earthquakes, tsunamis, thunderstorms, volcano eruptions, floods and the births of creatures like Hitler and Fubbo the Butt.

Things like wildflowers and a gentle summer rain should be attributed to Mother Nature.

We have now gone over the 100 degree mark according to my computer based temperature monitoring device. The 32% humidity is making it really feel like 108.

Even though we are over 100 we are currently not suffering with an Air Quality Alert.

And I am not currently suffering with irritated eyes.

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