Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot Tandy Hills Hiking Thinking About Cruising Fort Worth's Interior Water Feature

At this point in time, some time between 2 and 3 in the afternoon, the temperature in the outer world at my location is 99 degrees, with the absence of wind plus humidity of 31% making the temperature really feel like 113.

Despite the outer world being a little warm today I decided to try my hiking luck on the Tandy Hills for the first time since earlier in the week.

As you might guess, if you are familiar with the Tandy Hills topography, I parked on top of Mount Tandy. You might make this guess due to the fact that in the picture we are looking west across the Tandy Wagon Trail that leads towards the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth, which you can see looking tiny in the distance.

It is almost hard to believe that in the near future an Interior Water Feature is going to be located immediately north of that stunning skyline. The Trinity River Vision Boondoggle has not yet announced what cruise lines they have signed up to dock on the Interior Water Feature to take tourists on cruises up the Flood Diversion Channel that may be wider than the Panama Canal.

The cruise ships cruising up the Flood Diversion Channel may give Fort Worth its first iconic image recognizable to the rest of America and the World.

Changing the subject from cruising the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle Flood Diversion Channel to my overheating problem.

Today I came to the conclusion that the reason I am overheating when it is only 113 degrees, when last summer I did not overheat at 113 degrees, is because last year at this time I weighed somewhere in the 190 pounds zone. This summer I weigh somewhere north of 210.

It must be all this muscle I've packed on and the extra weight that all that muscle weighs that is weighing me down and making me overheat whilst getting a little exercise. Yeah, I'm sure that is it.

Below is the current HOT condition at my location. Apparently we are in for some stormy times the next few days...

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