Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hiking The Not So HOT Tandy Hills Thinking About How To Spend My Google Settlement Check

This morning I was in a rare good mood, with that already good mood heightened when I checked the mailbox to find a check from the Hanson v. Google Settlement Administrator.

I did not even know I was part of a class action suit against Google.

I have not yet figured out what to do with my whopping 11 cents settlement.

Did it not cost more than 11 cents to mail this to me? Such a screwy world we live in.

It was a somewhat chilly 83 degrees when I took my good mood to the Tandy Hills today. The humidity of 62% and a wind blowing over 10 mph had the temperature feeling like a not so chilly 91.

But, I did not overheat, too much, in the steam bath today. So, I had myself my first actually good hill hiking experience in days.

Is that not an usual looking Tandy Hills wildflower in the picture? It looks like an ice cream cone gone berserk. There were a lot of these blowing in the wind. I had to use my camera-free hand to steady the flower so that it could calmly pose for a picture. It took 12 tries.

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