Sunday, July 8, 2012

Having Indian Food For Lunch After Walking With Village Creek Indian Ghosts & Noisy Cicadas

In the picture we are looking at one of the sign designated Wildflower Areas in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

I have seen this particular Wildflower Area look more colorful than it is looking today.

Currently at almost 3 on this Sunday afternoon, at my location, it is 93 degrees, with the humidity making it feel like 113.

The temperature was a bit cooler when I went walking with the Indian Ghosts.

Speaking of Indians. Indian food was what I made for lunch today. Chicken Samosas, Curry Rice with carrots, onions, chicken, garlic and peas. And spinach. Usually I am not much of a fan of anything I cook. But, today I found it all quite tasty.

Changing the subject from Indians and Indian food to cicadas.

The cicadas are out in force. Millions of the beasts. In mating mode. This makes for a cacophony in the morning whilst I'm trying to enjoy peace and quiet in the pool.

The Village Creek Natural Historical Area cicadas have been being particularly rambunctiously noisy this mating season.

I only saw a few dozen cicada bodies today, laying on the pavement. I don't know if they die in the throes of passion or of old age or murdered by a jealous husband.

This morning there were a few cicada corpses in the pool with me. Cicadas are quite large when still alive and quickly bloat when dead in a pool. Eventually the cicada corpses sink. More than once I've stepped on a cicada corpse and thought it to be a rock, which I then fish out of the water to be mortified that I've got a big dead cicada in my hand.

Below is a short video I shot today while walking with the Indian Ghosts, prior to having Indian food, in which you can hear the cicada cacophony and see how nicely shaded the Village Creek trail is...

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