Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Cool While Walking Around The Shrinking Fosdick Lake

The outer world was heated to 95 degrees when I left air-conditioned comfort to get my mid-day constitutional by walking around Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park.

As you can see via the picture, Fosdick Lake was looking serene today. A beautiful shade of green that somehow turns blue in a digital camera.

A breeze blowing across the lake, from the south, made for a nice cooling effect whilst walking across Fosdick Lake Dam.

The long absence of rain and broken water mains is causing Fosdick Lake to shrink. Beaches have appeared at some locations on the lake. Not sandy beaches of the pleasant sort, but rocky, muddy, littered beaches of the unseemly sort.

Yesterday we got heated to several degrees above 100, and yet this morning the water in the pool was almost cool. In previous summers, during the HOT period, pool water has become borderline un-refreshing with its lukewarm temperature. Maybe we are getting colder than the norm at night, hence the cooler water.

Looking at my computer based temperature monitoring device I see we have been getting down into the 70s at night. Is that colder than the norm? I have no idea.

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