Friday, July 13, 2012

Get A Peach Julep Saturday At The Parker County Peach Festival In Weatherford

Tomorrow, Saturday, July 14 the Parker County Peach Festival takes place in the area around Weatherford's historical Parker County Courthouse square.

The festival opens at 8am and closes at 5pm.

You can find all the info you need to find your way to the Parker County Peach Festival on my Eyes on Texas website.

I've been to the Parker County Peach Festival twice. Both times were not good years for Parker County Peaches. I've been told this year's crop is a good year for Parker County Peaches.

The Parker County Peach Festival is BIG. It seems to me to be an awful lot effort for a one day festival that is only open for 9 hours.

There is a $5 admission charge. You get a lot of free entertainment for your 5 bucks.

It will be HOT tomorrow. The Parker County Peach Festival has several walk through misters to help you cool down. Along with Peach Juleps, Peach Ice Cream and likely some other cool Peach Products that I am not remembering right now.

The Peach Julep is non-alcoholic. You will need to bring your own whiskey to make the Peach Julep fortified. I don't know if Weatherford and Parker County is wet, dry or damp.

For you reading this who live in a state where Prohibition long ago ended, in Texas some areas are still totally in Prohibition mode, as in dry. Others are damp, as in you can buy wine and beer. Others are totally wet, like Fort Worth, where you can buy beer, wine and whiskey and any other type alcoholic product.

In Fort Worth you can even attend Happy Hour Inner Tube Floating events in the Trinity River. Fort Worth is a very liberal town.

See you tomorrow at the Parker County Peach Festival.


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