Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fort Worth's Nurse Martha Dancing The Ragtime Cowboy Joe Blues

In the above video that is Nurse Martha on the right.

Nurse Martha runs a giant Living Care Center on Randol Mill Road, a few blocks west of my abode.

Nurse Martha has long been a World Class Hula Hooper. And now, apparently, Nurse Martha is branching out into Walker Dance Routines.

I knew Nurse Martha was good at choreography, due to her years as a cheerleader for one of those universities in Kansas whose teams regularly gets into bowl games and those college basketball tournaments that so many people seem to pay attention to.

It was not I who was the videographer for this particular Nurse Martha performance, If I had been the videographer I would have zoomed in for some closeups.

In addition to being a dancer, Nurse Martha is one of the most accomplished gourmet cooks whose cooking efforts it has been my pleasure to sample.

The most memorable Thanksgiving since I've been in Texas comes to mind.

I'd never experienced tossed dinner rolls before that particular Nurse Martha Thanksgiving.

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