Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fort Worth Has Turned Into A Desert Hotter & Less Humid Than Phoenix

The above was taken from my computer based temperature monitoring device a few minutes before 6 on this HOT sunny Sunday afternoon in Texas.

As you can see, and, if you are in Texas, feel, it is HOT. And going to get HOTTER.

As in, on Wednesday, it appears we are going to be sizzling.

One benefit of all this HEAT is it has burned off much of the humidity. Currently the humidity is only 18%.

In Phoenix, at this moment, the humidity is 27%, with the temperature chillier than Fort Worth, at 102 degrees. With the humidity in Fort Worth being lower than Phoenix, does this mean we are now experiencing a desert climate on this part of the planet?

Will Saguaro Cactus soon be arriving? I hope so. I really like Saguaro Cactus.

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