Friday, July 6, 2012

CatsPaw Sees Bacteria Floating In The Trinity River Near The Rockin' The River Zone

Floating Bacteria-Like Artwork
A couple weeks ago I biked the Trinity Trail past the Rockin' the River zone. When I blogged about this particular bike ride in a blogging titled Following My Handlebars To Check Out Cowtown Wakeboarding & A Bridge To Nowhere I mentioned seeing three strange things floating in the river by the aforementioned RTR zone.

I took several pictures which showed all three floaters, but I only put the one of the giant duck floating in a giant inner tube on the blog.

I did not realize, til today, that CatsPaw and I had a failure to communicate over this serious Trinity River Mysterious Floaters issue.

I blogged about the latest Trinity River Vision Update this morning, which had CatsPaw commenting....

CatsPaw has left a new comment on your post "The Latest Trinity River Vision Update Is Full Of Interesting Interior Water Feature Information": 

You know, I was so puzzled before (when I mentioned having seen the big duck near the Woodshed during the Colonial) that I didn't reply. You asked what those other two things were in the water and I kept looking at your photo, thinking, "Well, the duck's got two feet, two wings ..."

Now that I have seen the latest update, I *still* don't know what those other two things are supposed to be, but at least I know to what you were referring.

Frankly, they look like giant bacteria to me. I *know* you'll make something of this perception.

When I saw the Mysterious Floaters I had no idea what the two floaters floating with the Duck on an Inner Tube were supposed to be.

E. coli or bacteria did not cross my mind.

So, did a Northeast Tarrant County College student make some sort of political statement with his or her giant ball of floating bacteria? I have no idea.

What I do know, via info gleaned from the Trinity River Vision Update, in the 2nd Annual Trinity River Art Contest the Floating Bacteria came in 2nd, the University of Texas Arlington came in 3rd with its Gray and Pink Ball, which means Tarrant County College Trinity River came in 1st with its Duck on an Inner Tube, which apparently is named "Lucky."

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