Monday, July 16, 2012

A Big Drop In Temperature Should Bring About Some Tandy Hill Hiking

As you can see via the graphic generated via my computer based temperature & weather monitoring device it is a bit chilly this Monday morning coming up on 11 o'clock.

There appear to be a collection of clouds providing some direct sun relief.

And there is some wind movement.

I suspect some hill hiking on the Tandy Hills is in the near future for me.

Speaking of hill hiking. Rosie the Rat Dog has updated her Alaska! blog for the first time in days. Rosie and her sisters have been staying in a Dog Spa whilst their humans have been hill hiking inside Denali National Park. Apparently Rosie's humans did a big no-no in camp and got a severe reprimand from a Park Ranger.

Speaking of reprimands, something unfortunate happened to me yesterday in Arlington. I am sorting out the facts before I go through the pain of blogging about it.

I did an hour in the cool pool this morning, staying on the OMG Diet that I did not know I was on til a couple days ago.

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